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Dakota House

Project size:


14 weeks

Independent Consultant:


Project Info
Air conditioning 

Installation of 6 no R2 Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems across 3 floors. The project was ‘D&B’ with all systems designed to BCO guidelines. 

All indoor units were of the ducted type with conditioned air being delivered to the space via a series of swirl diffusers. 

The system was successfully installed and commissioned to obtain the extended 7-year warranty. 


Local heat recovery Lossnay units (18 in total) were installed to provide ventilation to the office space. A new twin fan toilet extract system was installed to the core WC areas. Scope included the design of the systems and all associated ducting components. 


The HVAC systems were operated via touch screen Mitsubishi AE200 central controllers 

Domestic systems 

A new water tank and booster set was installed to remove the reliance on a ‘mains only’ system. New pipework was installed throughout to serve the WC’s on 3 floors with capped off provision for future tenant use. 

The WC’s were amended with all new sanitary ware installed throughout. New drainage stacks were installed and the above ground drainage modified for the remodelled sanitary ware

Ancillary systems

Electric underfloor heating was installed to the WC’s and lobby area. An electric over-door heater was installed to the reception entrance. 

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