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Trinity Court, Bracknell

Project size:


15 weeks

Independent Consultant:

Cudd Bentley

Project Info
Air conditioning 

Installation of 7 no R2 Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems across 3 floors of Cat ‘A’ office space.

All indoor units were of the ducted type with conditioned air being delivered to the space via a series of swirl diffusers within a standard ceiling grid. AC units to reception were single splits with linear grilles to lobby areas and jet diffusers to reception.

Condensers were located at roof level with a contract crane lift forming part of the mechanical package. The system was certified with the extended Mitsubishi guarantee. 


The existing AHU’s were refurbished with new motors, pulleys and motorised dampers. The system was upgraded to provide 12l/s per person based on 1 person per 8m2. 

As the supply and extract fans were separate systems, a new ‘run around coil’ was installed to provide a more energy efficient ventilation solution. New boilers were installed to provide heating to the coils retained within the AHU. 

Modifications were made to the ductwork on the floor to suit the layout of the new FCU’s. 

The WC extract fans were re-furbished with modifications made to the local ductwork within the WC’s. 


A new BMS system was installed to control both new and existing systems to include the VRF systems, AHU and associated requirements, trench heating and water tanks / systems. 

Domestic systems 

The existing domestic water services were modified to suit the new sanitary layouts on 3 floors. New Sanitaryware was installed throughout. 

Hot water was provided locally via point of use Zip water heaters. 

Above ground drainage was modified within the WC’s to receive the new sanitary layout. 

Ancillary systems

Trench heating (wet system) was installed to reception; panel heaters were installed to all common areas. 

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