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Project Info


Project size:


14 weeks

Independent Consultant:

Cudd Bentley

Air conditioning 

Scope included installation of 4 no R2 Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems. All the ducted AC systems were ‘on show’ - no ceiling was installed & the installation had to be of the highest standard. 

​All AC units were of the ducted type with thermo-adjustable grilles installed at the end of the ductwork (to allow differing air flows in heating / cooling mode owing to the height of the grilles above the desk space to minimise draughts). 

​The system was successfully installed and commissioned to obtain the extended 7-year warranty.


Installation of a gas fired Dalair AHU and all associated ducting. Owing to the limitations of the hoist size, the AHU was supplied in sections and constructed on site. The system was designed in-house (occupancy circa 550 people) which was built with all ductwork exposed. The AHU was within an internal plant room and acoustics was a key part of the design brief. 

​Local extract systems were installed to WC’s, catering kitchen and tea points. 

​All systems were commissioned successfully to the original design criteria. 


A BMS system was commissioned and installed to control all the mechanical plant (AC, ventilation, trench heating and domestic services) 

Ancillary systems 

Scope included the design, supply and installation of a trench heating system to the perimeter windows. 

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